3 Tips To Help Keep Your Car's Air Conditioner Running Smoothly For Years To Come

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3 Tips To Help Keep Your Car's Air Conditioner Running Smoothly For Years To Come

21 April 2016
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Do you find yourself looking for car AC compressors for sale because your vehicle's air conditioning isn't working properly? If you feel like your A/C has died on you well before it should have, chances are you might have been putting too much pressure on the system without even realizing it. To prevent this situation from happening in the future, here are some tips that will help give your A/C an occasional breather so that you can get many years of use out of your new compressor.

Crack (Or Open) the Windows When Possible

It's not rocket science. The hotter the air is inside the car when you start the A/C, the longer the system will have to work to get the air down to the desired temperature. If you frequently park outside in the sun, consider cracking a window or two if you are parked in a safe area. This will help air inside the car vent so that the vehicle doesn't turn into as much of a hot box as it would with all of the windows shut. Then, when you first get in the car, roll all of the windows down for a bit and let the hot air vent before starting the system.

Start Slowly

Would you enjoy it if your old high school coach woke you up every morning with a whistle and ordered you to do wind sprints the second you got out of bed? Well, that's how your A/C probably feels when you immediately put it on full blast upon starting the car. Put the A/C at cool but not cold temperature with the fan on low for the first minute or two and then gradually increase the power until you reach the desired level. This will give the system a chance to warm up before it cools you down.

Make Use of Recirculation Mode

Once the air inside the car is an acceptable temperature, turn on the recirculation mode so that the A/C is reusing the air inside the car instead air outside the car. Because the air inside the car is already cooler than the air outside, the A/C won't have to work nearly as hard to keep the temperature at its current level.

If you want your vehicle's A/C to keep you cool for years to come, take a few extra steps to help it run more efficiently. Crack a window when you can if the vehicle will be parked in the sun for a long period of time so that the air inside the car is not super heated by the time you return. Start the A/C on low and build up to the desired power instead of shocking the system by putting it on full blast immediately. Make use of the car's recirculation mode when possible so that the A/C doesn't keep putting in extra work to cool the hot air outside the vehicle.