Why Your Transmission Won't Stop Whining

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Why Your Transmission Won't Stop Whining

21 July 2016
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Whining can be irritating regardless of where it comes from. But whining from your Chevy transmission can be more than a headache. It can be an indication that there is something wrong with your transmission and that you might need to have it replaced. The whining noise for your transmission will likely increase in pitch as you drive. This can indicate various problems. The transmission is made up of many components that can produce a whining noise when something goes wrong, but it is almost always a sign that something needs to be repaired or replaced in your transmission.

Low Transmission Fluid

The most common reason for a whining noise in a transmission is low transmission fluid, which causes the pumps and gear to whine as they engage. The transmission will make a whining noise that is directly proportional to the speed at which the vehicle is moving. When the transmission is low, the internal parts are not lubricating properly. The low transmission fluid indicates that there is friction in the internal components, which can cause significant damage. If the fluid is low, not only should you have more transmission fluid added, but your system should be inspected for leaks. 

Failing Oil Pump

Another common cause of a whining noise is a failing transmission oil pump. The pump will either fail or will need to work extra hard because of a clogged filter. The pump should be replaced by a professional because it will require that the transmission be removed from the vehicle. Also, replacing the old filter with a clean filter will quiet the whining noise.

Failing Clutch Or Flywheel

The clutch or flywheel might be worn out. As these components wear out, they can make all sorts of sounds, including a whining sound. They will need to be resurfaced to correct the problem.

Failing Bearings

There may either be a bad input shaft bearing or a bad wheel bearing. As these components are failing, they can cause a transmission to whine and will need to be replaced.

Always have your transmission inspected by a professional before considering a repair or replacement. Some transmissions have an inherent whine based on the design of the transmission that is not an indication that there is something wrong. With these transmissions, you will need to look at other warning signs that the transmission is going bad. But when in doubt, look for a mechanic who offers a free car inspection and take it in. You can start by checking out an auto shop like Performance Parts Classic Chevrolet.