How You Can Replace a Broken Powered Mirror on Your Ford Ranger

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How You Can Replace a Broken Powered Mirror on Your Ford Ranger

6 October 2016
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If you don't want to make an insurance claim for a broken powered mirror, you can fix this mirror by yourself in a couple of hours. The best thing to do is drive to your local used auto part store if you're also looking to save a little extra money on the repair job and grab a replacement mirror that matches the one that was on your pickup truck. Here is how you replace an old powered mirror on a Ford Ranger with a new used one.

Remove the Inside Door Panel

You need to remove the old bracket and bits of broken mirror. To remove the old bracket, you'll have to remove the panel on the inside of the door. Open the door and locate the two Phillips head screwdrivers under the door handle. Remove the screws and take out the door handle. There are three electrical harnesses attached to the door handle bracket. Disconnect the harnesses from the door handle bracket.

There are two Phillips head screws that you have to remove to take off the inside door panel. One is behind where the door handle was located and the other located down along the bottom of the door in the left-hand corner. Remove both screws. Lift the panel up and off of the door.

Remove the Speaker from the Door

You need to remove the speaker to access the electrical harness connection for the mirror. There are four 6mm screws you need to take out with a ratchet and socket around the speaker. Remove the screws and take out the speaker. Disconnect the electrical harness running to the speaker. The wire harness connector for the mirror is located inside the opening of the speaker on the right-hand side near the door frame. Then, disconnect the harness.

Remove the Old Mirror Bracket

There is a felt-like patch on the inside of the door where the mirror bracket is attached to the outside of the door. Remove the patch to expose two bolts that hold part of the mirror bracket to the door. There is an opening above the patch where you can access the third bolt you'll have to remove before you can take the bracket off the pickup truck. Use an 11mm socket with a small extension to reach and remove the nuts on the bolts. You can remove the bracket and broken mirror once the nuts to the bolts have been removed.

Install the Replacement Mirror        

Bolt the replacement mirror in place of the old one. Replace the felt patch and reconnect the wire harness for the mirror. Reconnect the wire harness for the speaker and screw the mirror back in place. Replace the inside door panel and door handle to finish the job.