Valuable Parts You Don't Want To Overlook On Your Junk Car

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Valuable Parts You Don't Want To Overlook On Your Junk Car

17 February 2017
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If your old car is no longer fit for the road or if you have a vehicle that was totaled in an accident, you are likely looking for a way to get it off your hands while also turning a small profit. Even cars in the worst condition typically have a few parts that can bring in some cash. The following list can help you determine if you have any in-demand parts on your old car.


Electronics can always find a buyer, whether it's a stereo system or a GPS navigation system. Generally, higher end aftermarket tech is worth more than stock items, but even the stock factory stereo can be worth something – especially if it is coming out of a later model car. You can often find buyers for the electronics online or through a local classified ad, such as in your paper or on Craigslist.

Bumper panels

Think of the bumper panels on your car as the ones most likely to become damaged in an accident – the fenders, doors, trunk and bumper covers. If you only have damage to one side of your car or if it is fully dead due to mechanical reasons, then you have in-demand bumper panels to sell. Many people get into small accidents that only cause cosmetic damage, and they are usually on the hunt for a used, good condition panel since this is less expensive than trying to repair the damage.

Wheels and tires

Fair to good condition tires are always in demand. You can usually find a used tire yard willing to buy them for resale. Wheels and rims, whether custom or stock, also have some value. Naturally, higher end after market wheels or the top line stock wheels are more likely to bring in the big bucks.


These are often overlooked when someone is junking a car. Undeployed airbags are worth quite a bit, so if you have them in your car plan to sell them. They are in demand because even a small fender bender can deploy an airbag, which can cost quite a bit to replace afterward. This means many people are looking for them on the second hand market.

Major systems

Finally, if you are lucky enough to still have a major system working well, such as the engine or transmission, then you have a chunk of money sitting on your hands. Cars totaled due to extensive body damage can be the most valuable, since everything under the hood may still be in good, usable condition. Even if your engine, transmission, or both are shot, you still may have a working radiator or air conditioning system that can bring in a few bucks.

If the idea of finding buyers for each valuable part of your car seems overwhelming, then consider selling your car to be junked for cash. The buyer takes the whole car and gives you a percentage of it's parts value, and you save yourself the time and effort of parting it out on your own. For more information, contact companies like City Auto Wreckers.